About Lionheart VA Admin Services

Badged as the traditional PA responsibilities, these are the general tasks that can clog up your to-do list and take time away from other tasks that you enjoy or actually make your business. We can assist with everyday tasks, such as …


Email Management

We can help you declutter your email by unsubscribing to junk emails, filing emails into categories and responding where relevant. This service can be done as a one-time task or an ongoing daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Diary Management

Whether it is calendar management for the day-to-day tasks or meetings, or setting up reminders so that nothing important is missed. We can help to ensure that deadlines and timelines are highlighted and that nothing is forgotten.

CRM System Management

We can help update your CRM system and project manage tasks for you to ensure that all data is accurate, and all tasks are highlighted.

Data Entry

We provide accurate and timely data entry services. Whether it is for inputting customer details, survey responses, or financial records. We can ensure that your data is organised and easily accessible.

Spreadsheet Creation & Maintenance

We offer spreadsheet creation and maintenance services to help you manage your data efficiently. Whether it's for financial records or data analysis, We can help you create and maintain accurate and organised spreadsheets.


We can help keep you on track so you don’t have to juggle your tasks and any upcoming deadlines. Leave the spreadsheet management to us and we can email/whatsapp you updates of anything that needs to be completed soon.

Document Management

We offer document management services, including completing forms, scanning, filing, creating PDFs, and more. We can help you manage your documents efficiently and securely.

Client or Member Inquiries

We can provide timely and efficient support to your clients or members. We can handle their inquiries, provide information and support, and ensure that their needs are met.

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  • “Jen is a person of integrity, reliability and commitment. She is positive, energetic and innovative.”

    Sue Mitchell, Chair of Dorset Magistrates

  • “Jen has a strong work ethic, is able to deliver complex change within a multitude of frameworks and she is incredibly resilient. Thank you Jen for all your effort and support.”

    Gareth, Group Data Management Director, Kingfisher PLC

  • “Jennifer is knowledgeable with exceptional communication skills. She has a high capacity with strong resilience, both these qualities support Jennifer in working in challenging environments. An asset to any business.”

    Heidi, Divisional Operations Director, B&Q PLC

  • “Without Jen, delivering projects on time would never happen. Jen is extremely conscientious and naturally proactive. Jen was a highly valued member of the team.”

    Paul, Range Planner, Kingfisher PLC

  • “During my time at BoSIS Jen provided first class support. Jen’s attention to detail was excellent as was her ability to act upon her initiative.”

    Martin, Head of Business - Regulated Sales, Bank of Scotland Investment Service